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World No. 1 Playpen & Playmat Brand 

available in Australia

  • iFam Babyroom collection

  • iFam Study & Play Collection

  • iFam Cabinet Collection

Delivering Innovation to Australia

Samyoung Trading Company is the Australian distributor of delivering innovative technology to Australia.

We pride ourselves in promoting only the finest & latest in technology & lifestyle products.

our brands

Girl with Windmill Toy

Current Transformers & Rogowski Coils

Energy Metering and Monitoring Solutions Since 1980

  • Solid CTs for Metering & Monitoring

  • Split-core CTs

  • Zero Phase CTs (ZCT)

  • Rogowski Coils

  • ACB CTs



∆˜∏À∫Ø»Ø_æ∆¿Ã∆ _092717_ø¯∫ª-6058.jpg

World No. 1 Playpen & Playmat Brand iFam

Made of BIO PE from sugar cane since 1990 

  • Bright & Soft colour

  • Simple & Modern design

  • iFam Babyroom Collection

  • iFam Study & Play Collection

  • iFam Cabinet Collection

1200X1200_ _180222.png

World First Toy Steriliser Box by LED UV Technology

  • UV LED Steriliser for TOY

  • JJobi Portable Steriliser for soother and teat

  • 45 min to get the job done

  • 45L Volume for big toys

logo suavinex_little luxuries (1).jpg

SUAVINEX is an euroupean brand and develops innovation solutions to your baby's everday needs. 

  • Baby bottle

  • Baby soother and clip

  • Baby drink cup

  • Toddler lunch box and cutlery set

mdr5000 2.png

Ready for any commercial requirments! The MDR-5000 Series is specifically designed commercial use dashcam

  • Connected to your telematics device for automatic messaging to fleet manager

  • 3rd Camera option / upto 8 channels

  • built-in tamper proof / GPS

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